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About Me

My Kind of Music

During school and college it was mainly English music – Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Sting, Pink Floyd etc.

Later my taste changed and I started listening more to our Indian greats  – Rafiji, Kishoreji, Lataji, Manna De sahab.

And when I started learning music, it was a suggestion that I shift focus and start singing modern Indian songs. I did and enjoyed it too, we have some very talented young singers and its a pleasure singing different genres. So now I listen to almost everything and sing almost everything. But lot of what I like is not commercial music so its not in the album.

Music at 10

When I was about 9/10 years old I used to accompany my mom to the Puja Room. She sings bhajans every day and I used to sing with her. Now when I think back, maybe that was the starting point of my singing on a regular basis.

Throughout School and College I have been singing but rarely in front of others. Most of the times it wasn’t singing aloud, its just humming or singing to myself. It could be in the car, on the street, in the office or in the shower. It just makes me happy. Before I enter the house everyone can make out I have come as they can hear me humming or singing while getting down from the car or walking up the stairs.

Music as a Passion

Music is my passion and singing is my hobby but before taking up music lessons it never crossed my mind to make my own album. Some people have a dream of being a celebrity, I never did. I don’t like being in the limelight and I don’t like posing for pictures. But for any artist the biggest high is when people appreciate their art, which is what I am hoping will happen.  Till the time I had not heard myself on the studio speakers I was apprehensive as I did not know what could I offer to listeners which is not already there. Already there HUGE names in the industry and with good reason, they are brilliant at what they do. But I was told that I could do my own songs as I did have a USP, I am told that my voice has depth and feel, feels good to hear that.

About Kabhi Dil Chahe

“Kabhi Dil Chahe” is the first song which was composed for me, so to me its very special. Even the lyrics have a lot of significance – “Kabhi dil chahe chhoon loon aasman, kabhi taaron par likh doon daastan…..”. I was living a regular life  – a businessman and a family man, when one fine day dil chaha and I wanted to be a known artist……the lyrics are very meaningful and quite appropriate.

Kabhi Dil Chahe is a team effort, there are many people who are responsible in the production of this album, I have named each one in the credit list in the album (I really hope I have not forgotten anyone’s contribution and if I have then please forgive me, it was not intentional), but the central figure in getting them all together and in encouraging me to go ahead and do the album is Mr.Satish Sharma. I have already spoken in previous interviews also about his contribution. His working with some of the better known names in the industry helped a lot and I personally am very satisfied on how my debut album album has turned out.

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