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Pinky Hey - my 8yr old daughter loves the song Manmohana and more so becoz of the video and she has been following this series on Nick fm the beginning. She wants to sing this song in a school concert - but i can't find the lyrics. Anyways u could help me ?
Jul 18, 2012

Anoop Hi Jitesh Manmohana Mora Krishna is absolutely brilliant... ur voice is so good.... it is one of the best Krishna song I've heard ... All the best and may Lord Krishna bless u... Hare Krishna Anoop.
Jun 30, 2012

uday kumar gupta thank u jitesh........manmohana lounge version too good track....mind blowing..thank u
Jun 10, 2012

quottandomo Fanatastic post! Makes me change my embargo on commenting
Jun 02, 2012

Chandan Saboo, New Delhi Just listened to Manmohana mora krishna. Did a free download. Thanks. Mazza Aagaya. Keep on for this kind of songs and bhajans. Regards and lots of good wishes.
May 30, 2012

Purvi ManMohana was the best relaxing song i ever much touched by your voice.i am your fan. my 2 year old daughter loves the song....Thanks a of luck for your successful are blessed with wonderful voice. I appriecite your work.
Apr 12, 2012

tabata I like your fantastic web site, I was searching for this all over. best regards Ron
Apr 07, 2012

kalpesh E. patil hiii Manmohana Mora Krishna this is best song and really thanx for made this song i love this song. Jai Shree Krishna Jai Radhe Radhe
Apr 02, 2012

vishwadeep barad USA Congratulation...great job..good luck for your bright feature.
Mar 22, 2012

Narmada Akshat Pratap SIngh Blessed One, Such a BEautiful composition of the Krishna Song !! Heartfelt THANKYOU for the Inspired Creation :-) All the Best for further Compositions !!
Mar 19, 2012

Kathleen What a great blog
Mar 15, 2012

Dr Amritjude Great....!
Mar 06, 2012

bhavik rathod like song Manmohana fill with good animation , good filling song from the heart of god , best wish from my side . damru sound studio - borivali
Feb 13, 2012

Cialis Hallo! I’ve just stopped by to say thanks for this excellent internet siteTake care!
Feb 10, 2012

Bakula your music is soul stirring . specially Manmohana. it takes you to him directly.. May God bless you always and your music. I like to buy your Cd. (Album) Can you please please let me know as I would like to share it with people who don't have access to computers. I live in U.S.A. If you send it to me i will send you the payment. Please do email your reply. thank you, Bakula
Feb 07, 2012

Lori Nice to read your blog
Feb 06, 2012

Dr M.V.R. Prasad Dear Mrt. Jitesh, I enjoyed watching your "Manmohana mora Krishna". The song was so sweet, enchanting and blissful taking me to Lord Krishna. The presentation is marvelous. Thanks and Lord Krishna Bless You. mvrprasad
Feb 01, 2012

Camuplila Hello!to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.
Jan 25, 2012

chirukutty Awesome song.loved both versions! thanx for sharing.
Jan 25, 2012

Rahul Sharma awesome...............
Jan 18, 2012

Naveen Hi Jitesh, Firstly i would like to thank you for the wounderful song "Manmohana Mora Krishna", that is heart touching and i would like your to provide such songs in coming future. The other thing is your voice is too good, can you record only channting. Please check and let me know if you have already done. ALL THE VERY BEST :)
Jan 17, 2012

amrit sangeet thanks for making such a beautiful track - manmohana mora Krishna. soothing, heart opening and his names are just the most beautiful sound in the whole of creation...
Jan 10, 2012

My Homepage Precisely what I was looking for, thankyou for putting up. 584977
Jan 05, 2012

rc helicopters Glad to visit this blog, keep it going.
Dec 27, 2011

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Dec 25, 2011

bormamedmom My dad has been doing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed the internet page over to him so he could pick up a couple pointers. Fantastic Job thank you!
Dec 25, 2011

V. S. Thakur Beautiful song, with soulful words and peaceful music, felt like meditation..
Dec 14, 2011

smita thank you for sharing your music...the divine composition of .''.manmohana mora krishna'' is outstanding......I feel blessed everytime I hear it and am sure only pure souls can produce such a composition which is mesmerising...peace and happiness to all xx
Dec 14, 2011

Jayasri Benkal Jitesh Ji, Beautiful, Awesome, Wonderful..all the compliments for your singing and the animation matched your voice. Song is simly soul soothing. Superb. You are God's favourite that is why he has given a boon as your voice..please sing songs as many you can..
Dec 05, 2011

Sumedha n Mini The little krishna .. we mean! :)
Dec 02, 2011

Sumedha & Mini Luved the song n the video is awesome!! Thnx for sharing this.
Dec 02, 2011

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Nov 28, 2011

Tejas trivedi superb composition. enjoyed a lot soul soothing bansuri and the whole composition..
Nov 26, 2011

Burton Coltey Hello everybody! Awsome blog! Does anyone know more resources on this topic?
Nov 21, 2011

Jitendra Dave भाई जीतेश, कान्हाजी को ढूँढने के चक्कर मे घूमते-घामते आपके धाम (साइट) पे पहुंचा तो आनंद आ गया। 'मन मोहना मोरा कृष्णा' वाकई मे मनमोहक लगा। इसके लिए दिल से साधुवाद। Regards, Jitendra Dave Hindi Copy & Jingle Writer
Nov 16, 2011

JITESH Thank you all so much - Vineeta, Vasant, Soni, Magdelina, Roxy, Daljeet, Vinitha, Sanjay, Mahesh, Rajinder, Srinivasan. And to answer your question - The Ring Tone of "Manmohana Mora Krishna" will be available shortly. I will put up the details here as soon as its done.
Nov 10, 2011

Srinivasan Hi Jitesh, Manmohana is simply superb. good rendition and can be heard any time during the day. the animation is too good. any plans to have it is a ring tone.
Nov 09, 2011

Rajinder Sandhir After reading your personal life story,I could frankly predict you to be wondeful artist,a good singer.Moreover I would suggest you to try even in the film industry, you possess a unique personality to attract & impress with your graceful charming look.May god bless you all you wish for.Good Luck,all the best.
Nov 07, 2011

Mahesh Bakshani I liked your voice Man! especially..Teen glassi. cool one liked it..Wish you a great time ahead..all the best jitesh. Regards Mahesh
Nov 06, 2011

sanjay dubey Manmohna is really a divine experience.
Nov 05, 2011

JITESH Hi MW/ Flavio. I am already working on putting up the lyrics in Hindi & also in English with the translation. Pls give me a little more time. Thanks :)
Oct 12, 2011

Flavio Hi everyone, can someone help me with the lyrics in Hindi and the English translation of the song Manmohana Mora Krishna? Thank your very much everyone! Flavio
Oct 12, 2011

Vinitha Manmohana, loved both versions! Hope you come up with more devotional songs like this! :)
Oct 09, 2011

mw Please put the lyrics and the translation into English of the lyrics on your website so non-Hindi speakers can understand your music!!!
Oct 03, 2011

Sep 30, 2011

Roxy I seraechd a bunch of sites and this was the best.
Sep 10, 2011

Magdelina I'm not easily impressed. . . but that's imprseisng me! :)
Sep 09, 2011

SONI Hello Sir, I heard the Lounge version of Manmohana Mora KRishna, it's soo amazin, so soothing to hear. i luv it. Keep me updated with yr new releases.
Sep 07, 2011

Vasant Biswas Jitesh sir, , , , , , , ,Manmohana(Lounge Version) is awesome & vry vry differnt from the original. may god bless you ! ! ! .or aap hamesha aisi tarah naye naye Album launch karte rahain... with my best wishes. Vasant
Sep 07, 2011

vineeta periwal speechless !
Sep 06, 2011

JITESH Hi PJ. Thanks very much for your comments. FREE DOWNLOADS of the songs - are available on this site, just click the Banner. VIDEO - Pls type "Manmohana Mora Krishna" on YouTube. CD - We are adding a New Video which will be clubbed with the CD and marketed but that can take another 2 weeks. I will put up the details on this comments wall when its done. Take Care.
Aug 26, 2011

PJ Manmohna is a great album. Where do I buy a CD of Manmohna album? Goo Luck!
Aug 25, 2011

PJ Manmohna is a great divine music and yur voice is so calming. I get lost in the music every time I listen to it. Good work Jitesh ji. Where do I buy a CD of Manmohna album? congratulations and Good Luck!
Aug 25, 2011

JITESH Hi Amarja, Your comments are much appreciated...always. Thank you :)
Aug 23, 2011

JITESH Hi Hemant, Thanks for your comments. Its been a few months now since I released the first album "Kabhi Dil Chahe" (Tinn Gilassi Down is a part of that). I will put up all the songs from that album for a Free Download soon. Pls check back in a couple of weeks. For paid Downloads - that whole album is available on Amazon, iTunes etc.
Aug 23, 2011

Hemant Kapani Dear Jitesh, I've heard both the versions of Manmohana, they both are excellent.... I was looking for a free download of your Tinn Glassi down club Mix version, can that be downloaded? Rgds.
Aug 22, 2011

Amarja Love both versions..though the original version tipped the scale for me..ur voice resonates in this version and I kinda like the flow of ur sound without the additional sounds of the studio..but that's just my personal view!! U sound awesum as always..:)
Aug 22, 2011

JITESH Hi. I have released my New Album today on Janmashtami. Its my first devotional album and has 2 versions of 1 song which is called "Manmohana Mora Krishna". I have put up the songs for a FREE download to see the reaction to the songs. Do check them out, specially the LOUNGE version. Also trying to put up the VIDEO on You Tube/ Facebook today. Would welcome ALL comments. Take care :)
Aug 22, 2011

ADMIN Hello again everyone. The required changes on the website have been done and the comments wall too is now operational. Please leave a comment if you wish. Thank you very much - ADMIN.
Aug 22, 2011

admin Hello everyone. We have recently changed the layout of the site and the comments wall. Few more changes need to be done so please check in later to leave and view comments. Thank you - ADMIN.
Jul 11, 2011

sameer super like the new layout.... waiting for the new album, whn is it out rockstar???
May 13, 2011